This Weekend:

Now You See Me 2

Rated: PG-13
Duration: 2 hrs. 9 mins.

Tickets $6.00

Movie Dates & Times:

Friday, July. 1st:
at 8:00 pm
Saturday, July 2nd:
at 8:00 pm
Sunday, July 3rd:
at 8:00 pm

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We can now show “More Than Movies”

Our conversion to digital exhibition was completed on June 1, 2012, and we couldn’t be more pleased.  We have already received many positive comments about the clarity of the images on our new screen and the “awesome” sounds produced by our new surround sound system.

This photo was taken when our new screen’s installation was nearing completion.

New Screen – Our extra large screen is 14 feet by 33 feet—one attendee said he has seen movies in many movie theaters, but has never seen a screen so large and images so amazing.  It is specially designed for our new RealD XL 3D system.

Digital Projector – Our new digital projector produces incredible images to bring you the best visual experience possible.

Surround Sound System – Our genuine Dolby surround sound system includes a processor that is specifically designed to work within the new digital cinema environment.

Digital Cinema Satellite System – In addition to having the ability to receive digital motion pictures via satellite, we can now also receive and exhibit  “alternative content” like sporting events, concerts, performing arts and other domestic and global productions directly to Texas Theater


Below is a video about another independent movie theater that nicely explains the changes in the business of movie exhibition in recent years.

A Crossroads for Independent Cinema from NewYorker on Vimeo.


Come see us at your Wheeler County movie theater, Texas Theater, in Shamrock!